Having been in the sport of triathlon for the last 35yrs

my job now is to deliver an event that is 2nd to none in terms of organisation and the value that each athlete receives when they arrive to compete in our 226 event

We are still learning and improving where we can – even though we are into Year 4 now, we still strive to improve and make the race better. This race is not a mass participation event – it’s all about personal service and keeping the crowd small and relevant. At my race – everyone is the VIP.

Along with my trusty partner Gerrie Van Heerden who is very much a big part of this race as well (he is my right-hand man and does all the really hard graft ad getting approvals and sorting the paperwork) we are growing the brand and the event globally – with an event in Mauritius and now scheduled to visit Thailand – the 226 brand is something close to our hearts and we hope to see you on the start-line – you can then see how much effort we put into this event for you, the athlete

We have some great sponsors…

They see this event as part of what they believe in. A win-win for all of us.

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