After another very successful YEAR…

1 in which all seemed to have a whack of fun (including us) we are excited about delivering an even better experience in YEAR 3, come JANUARY, FEBRUARY 2020.

I am not one to take our customers (YOU) for granted and will do all we can to ensure an even better experience at RACE NO 3 of the 226. We would like ALL our “pioneers” back and along with them, a whole host of new faces to add to the troops.

This event will never be a mass participation – we will keep numbers select and manageable. At our 226 race, everyone gets treated like a PRO.
We have taken note of a good few areas where we can improve and hope that you will be in for an even better race experience at Round No 3.
Just a quick word to all our sponsors – as we know – no money/no support/no event – thanks guys! Together we will make this a truly iconic event on the Yearly South African Ultra Sporting Calendar

Something different and something fresh…

SA Triathletes have only ever known 1 Iron Distance Race over the last 17 years including the very first one that was held in CT in 2000. This 226 Challenge Event is different and we have no doubts that you as the athletes will certainly want to be part of this event either in Year 1 or in the next few to come.

  • 3 separate races

  • 3 separate medals

  • 1 combined time

  • At the end of the 226km, you as an athlete EARN your BRICK

Ever Wondered How fast you could go over 226km if you had slightly longer transition stops?

We are talking some good food, a great massage and a goodnights sleep before you tackle the next leg of the ULTIMATE BRICK SESSION


Now this is where it gets interesting

  • The 3.8km swim will be 2 laps of the course
  • The 180km cycle will be 4 laps of the course
  • The 42.2km run will be 4 laps of the course
  • We are going to allow your own personal seconds/team mates/club coaches etc to set up your own PITLANE STOP area so that you can be re-fuelled and refreshed as you wish. You can stop on each lap or only 1 lap or no laps, that is your choice but we want to include the family, friends into this one. You do the hard work, they are going to help you – No Penalties for outside interference.
  • We will have a Race Nutritional zone as well for the lonely athletes who might not have assistance but the choice is there, if you want extra help, bring the army

226 Brick Challenge

3.8km Swim – Afternoon
180km Cycle – Morning
42.2km Run – Morning

169 Brick Challenge

This is for the peeps who want to do longer than the 113 but don’t quite want to go the distance as the 226

2.85 swim
135km bike
31.5km run


For those that not that keen on 226km, we will offer a HALF BRICK version

You complete 1.9km swim/90km bike/21km run and get a HALF A BRICK but 3 medals and 1 finish time

56.5 Challenge

We have introduced a new race into the fold. We call this the shorty or rather the 56.5. this is ideal for the novice who just wants to be part of the event but not put in hours and hours of training. It will also allow our up and coming Juniors an event they can sink their teeth into and enjoy the weekend along with all the Ultra guys and girls


  • 950m swim
  • 45km cycle
  • 10.55km run

Combo Challenge

We had a lot of interest in this and decided to formally launch an “event” where you, the athlete choose their distances prior to starting. Some might like a short swim/long cycle/short run for example. Others something different. This combo option now allows you the choice of choosing your distances prior to the start of the event o everyone is happy (including our trusty timekeepers )

This particular event is going to create some much needed extra excitement into an already great event. Athletes can now focus on their choice of distances so that this “brick” weekend can be used for fun as well as specific race preparation for other events that come after the 226.
The choices are endless but of course, you can only swim once, bike once, run once – how far is what you determine yourselves..

Choose from either a (pick one distance only from each discipline)

  • 950m or 1.9km or 3.8km swim then
  • 45km or 90km or 180km cycle then
  • 10.5km or 21.1km or 42.2km run


We will allow a limited amount of entries for just the swim, for just the bike and just the run. We shall call them rabbits and they will be used to give you guys doing the full event, something to chase during each of the disciplines


100 x 226 Challenge entries
100 x 169 Challenge entries
100 x Combo entries
100 x 56.5 entries
100 x 113 Challenge entries
25 x Rabbits entries per event

Other Cool Ideas


We have decided to give you the BEST ROI EVER. We don’t want you to sell the house to enter our event. It will be half price and the value DOUBLE in return – trust us. Go see the HOW page